Jewellery Photo retouching

Certainly! Jewelry photo retouching involves enhancing and perfecting images of jewelry to make them look more appealing and professional. Here are some common steps involved in jewelry photo retouching:

  1. Background Removal:

    • Remove the background to create a clean and distraction-free image. This is often done using tools like the pen tool or background eraser.
  2. Color Correction:

    • Adjust the colors to make them more vibrant and accurate. Ensure that the jewelry’s true colors are represented in the image.
  3. Brightness and Contrast Adjustment:

    • Modify brightness and contrast to enhance the visibility of details in the jewelry. This helps to make the product stand out.
  4. Sharpening:

    • Apply sharpening to enhance the clarity and details of the jewelry. However, be careful not to over-sharpen as it can create unwanted artifacts.
  5. Retouching and Cleaning:

    • Remove dust, scratches, and any imperfections from the jewelry. Pay attention to details like gemstones, metal reflections, and chain links.
  6. Reflections and Highlights:

    • Enhance reflections to make the jewelry sparkle. Add highlights to metal surfaces to give them a polished appearance.
  7. Resizing and Cropping:

    • Adjust the size and crop the image to meet the specific requirements of the platform where the image will be displayed.
  8. Adding Shadows:

    • Create realistic shadows to give the jewelry a three-dimensional look. This helps the product appear more natural in the final image.
  9. Consistency Across Images:

    • If you’re retouching a series of jewelry images, maintain consistency in terms of color, lighting, and style. This is crucial for creating a professional and cohesive look.
  10. Quality Check:

    • Finally, carefully review the retouched image to ensure there are no visible flaws or artifacts.

It’s important to note that the level of retouching may vary based on the intended use of the images and the style preferences of the client. Professional photo retouchers often use software like Adobe Photoshop or other specialized tools to achieve these effects.

Image Masking Services

Photoshop image masking creates full functional & smooth perfection graphic design from simple to complex level images. the whole task regarding Image masking services has been through with utmost perfection and professional completion. Image masking services is widely getting used for creating ad displays on eCommerce websites and also for magazine covers including models within it.

Color Correction Service

There could also be many old images that cue you of lingering moments, however the photographs have lost actual colours due to a protracted time. otherwise you could have several ironic or light-tones pictures. Valuable moments taken from a camera are invaluable, and it may be too worrying to lose their original charm. Such times may only be eased by the clever written material provided by USA with our Color Correction services. several times, due to the low light-weight or poor handling of the camera, the photos cannot return as expected, additionally as recent ones, which may even be unbroken yellow and wrinkled over time.

Color correction develops the image’s look and sense. It’s used if you’re discontent with photography because it feels — or if you merely wish the animation to seem its best. In just about each image they print, our professional customers use color correction. However, many of our shoppers wish to make sure their initial footage are as tight as possible. once they remember at their bridal, holidays, or events, they keep in mind that they’re vibrant, lively, and energetic.

Shadow Service

Removing the background and creating the shadow of the product is known as the original shadow. It is also known as the natural shadow. From our service, you can get the accurate shadow making of the object in a different form of background. In order to keep the original shadow after removing the background is not straightforward so an expert hand requires to finish it. We do believe from our service you can have the desired results at affordable pricing.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Services are to upgrade the quality of a picture by applying various graphic techniques and Photoshop tools. once we attend a jewellery shop to shop for a bit of necklace, we are first attracted by the design of it then we confirm whether its finishing is clean and smooth and there’s no error within the piece. in any case these details we feel satisfied to spend our money therein neck piece which seems worthy to shop for . within the same way once we see a specific image, it’s vital that it appears clear, well defined, with a non-disturbing background, proper lightening and catches the attention attention at one glance. Well that’s where our Image Retouching technique plays a crucial role.

Nick Joint/Symmetric

Image manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to realize desired results. Some image manipulations are considered skillful artwork. counting on the appliance and intent, some photo manipulations are considered as kind because it involves the creation of unique images and in some instances. Either your photo has been taken in dusty location or poor in poor color, your image are often manipulated to nice and attractive looking which will really help your business growth. There are variety of software applications available for digital manipulator.


Path Edit Studio. Ecommerce Product Photo Editing & Optimization For eCommerce Business! As an e-commerce company, you need to ensure that you provide your customers the right impact of your products. As they cannot see or feel them in the actual life, it is important that your product or service photos show your products in the clearest and best way possible.

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Path Edit Studio Jewellery Retouching

Certainly! Jewelry photo retouching involves enhancing and perfecting images of jewelry to make them look more appealing and professional. Here are some common steps involved in jewelry photo retouching: